Ever found yourself daydreaming about a different job?

We call that jobdreaming...

We have all thought about a different job
at some point in our career. Whether it's a move for a promotion, a change in industry, or it's just time for a new job; everyone has thought about it. The challenge is finding that great job without spending your day trolling job boards or fielding calls from recruiters. We created jobdreaming to help you by keeping an eye out for your perfect job, without anyone knowing you're looking.

We work with recruiters and employers so that we can keep tabs on all of the opportunities, and you get to focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

We are not recruiters...
We are a software company that
works with recruiters to help them make
better hires. With jobdreaming, we now work
with active and passive candidates as well,
keeping them informed of new opportunities
that are relevant to them.

Our pinpointing technology enables jobdreaming to quickly and effectively identify the right matches for every opportunity. Because jobdreaming gives you a quick, confidential and controlled solution, we bring recruiters a unique pool of passive and active candidates, saving them valuable time. Meaning, they spend less time trying to find candidates and more time making sure you and the opportunity are a perfect match.