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Build a questionnaire
detailing the
prerequisites you are
looking for.
(Takes less than 2 minutes)
Post the custom link
we provide on your
website, favorite job
board or social media
(Candidates can typically
apply in under a minute)
Candidates will appear in your
customized "My Candidates"
grid, sorted based on how
well they match the criteria
you outlined.
(Provides you with easy access to
additional information including contact)
How It Works

Build a job

Start by telling us a little about what a perfect
candidate looks like to you. Including any skills
that are desired, and the amount of experience in
each skill.

Also include the amount of experience you would
like in a certain field or industry, and the minimum
level of education.
Add some custom questions you would like us to
present to candidates. Custom questions can
include free response style questions, as well as
multiple choice, including the option for only one
or more than one right answer. How well your
candidates answer the multiple choice questions
will be factored into where they are ranked after
they apply.

Candidates apply

After you build a job, jobdreaming will create a
custom link for you to post on your website,
favorite job board(s) or social network.

Candidates are directed to a dedicated page on
jobdreaming for your application.
Candidates apply in under a minute, providing
you with key data points based on the criteria you
outlined when creating the position. jobdreaming
collects this information, along with the
candidate's contact information and résumé.
Question1 Question2

Custom “My Candidates” page created

As candidates apply they are automatically
sorted based on how well they match the criteria
you defined. Criteria can be changed as
candidate's apply to help refine the screening
Selecting any candidate will show you more information about that candidate, including
specifics of how well they responded to your
questions, their contact information and access
to a copy of their résumé.